Helping students achieve their academic goals is a priority for the Department. The Department of Multicultural Services staff has working relationships with several colleges to help students navigate the rigors of a major. We assist students with their academic aspiration by providing tutoring, academic referrals, counseling referrals, and personalized attention.

Peer Tutoring Program

FREE tutoring is offered with an appointment. It is held Sunday through Wednesday from 4:00-8:00pm. The program is designed to facilitate student academic success by providing personalized academic assistance and course-specific peer tutoring.

Cultural Leadership, Understanding, and Exploration for Sophomores (C.L.U.E.S)

CLUES is a Sophomore learning community that emphasizes multiculturalism, diversity, sensitivity, and leadership. The Department of Multicultural Services views this learning community as a means of cluing students in on life-changing knowledge and skills that will positively impact their future.

Cultural Day Trip

The Cultural Day Trip program is a unique collaborative initiative in which a faculty member that has an expertise in a specific area of study works with our department staff to plan and execute a trip. Day trips are designed to introduce students to diverse activities and events outside of College Station.

Diversity Certificate

The College of Liberal Arts, the College of Geosciences and the College of Architecture, in conjunction with the Department of Multicultural Service at Texas A&M University are now accepting applications for the Diversity Certificate. Drawing from existing courses, programs and associations within the university, the Diversity Certificate Program will enable its students to create, synthesize and integrate academic coursework, co-curricular experience, and service learning engagement in order to demonstrate their preparedness for participation in the modern global economy.

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