Cultural Day Trip

Cultural Day Trips

As the Department of Multicultural Services our primary aim is to prepare our students for a global world.  To that end, we would like for as many students as possible to participate in an international experience, however because many students cannot afford going abroad we would like to offer them opportunities to become globally minded while ensuring cost efficiency.

The Cultural Day Trip program is a unique collaborative initiative in which a faculty member that has an expertise in a specific area of study works with our department staff to plan and execute a trip.  The day prior to departure the faculty member will conduct a lecture to educate the students on their research and prepare them for the trip.

Past trips have included Women In Engineering Cultural Day Trip, Cultural Week Trip to New York City, Machismo: A Global Women’s Struggle, Honoring a Diverse Asian America, African Presence in Mexico, and The Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust: Besa: Muslims who saved the Jews.

For information, contact:

Marisa Suhm

Phone: 979-845-2000


Cultural Day Trip Group