Cultural Councils

The Department of Multicultural Services is dedicated to connecting students and has the definitive intent to enhance the overall educational experience of students. Multicultural Services sponsored student groups provide access to academic, social, cultural, and personal development, as well as opportunities for intentional interaction and engagement. While students are encouraged to explore leadership opportunities in the university’s more than 800 student organizations, groups sponsored by Multicultural Services incorporate student learning and student development and are distinctively tailored to build competent leaders and agents of change in specific areas of influence. We welcome you to explore and join any of our sponsored organizations and groups.

Asian Presidents’ Council (APC)

Started in 2000, APC aims to unite and strengthen the Asian organizations and also serve as the official voice of the Asian community of Texas A&M University. Serving as the umbrella organization for all Asian groups on campus, our mission is to increase communication, provide leadership training to the presidents and officers, and promoting campus awareness on Asian culture. APC also serves as a forum for discussion on campus, educational, and cultural issues.

The Asian Presidents’ Council coordinates the annual Asian Heritage Month, which is celebrated in April at Texas A&M University. They collaborate with the Black Student Alliance Council (BSAC) and the Hispanic Presidents’ Council (HPC) on events like Fusion Fiesta, which is a cultural celebration that happens in November.

Advisor: Diana Lee:

Black Student Alliance Council (BSAC)

With an opening celebratory reception in 2005, the Black Student Alliance Council (BSAC) launched as an effort to unite Black Aggies. Student leaders founded the BSAC to serve as a sounding board in formulating a voice for Black students at Texas A&M University. The purpose of BSAC is to enhance and unify the Black community while making the Texas A&M campus more aware of the accomplishments, achievements and needs of the Black student body. The council also fosters the commitment and investment of students in the Black Aggie Community by serving as an ally and community-building social network.

BSAC is comprised of an Executive Board and the Black Student Alliance (general members serving on various committees under the leadership of the Executive Board). Membership is open to all students at Texas A&M University. Applications for the BSA are available at the beginning of the fall semester.


Contact info:
Primary Advisor: Varselles Cummings:

Hispanic Presidents’ Council (HPC)

Hispanic Presidents’ Council seeks to provide a mechanism through which all Hispanics can become full and contributing students of Texas A&M University. To obtain its purpose, the council will promote the awareness of existing Hispanic organizations available to the student body of Texas A&M University. HPC will serve as an umbrella support group for the organizations by disseminating resources to the student population and the prospective organizations involved, and thus providing a “voice” for the concerns of the Hispanic population.

Members consist of Directors, Executive Members, and Presidents and Delegates from Hispanic organizations on campus.

Advisor: Cruz Ríos: