Meet Our Team

Dr. Driver

Dr. Tonya Driver

Dr. Tonya Driver, a Former Student, considers her role in the department to be reflective of her purpose to validate and advocate on behalf of the perspectives and experiences of others.  In her over 15 years in Multicultural Services and over 17 years at Texas A&M, Tonya has worked with countless students, student organizations, programs and courses with foci on student retention and success, racial and cultural identity, identity development, diversity consciousness, and pre-college experiences.  She serves on the editorial board for national student affairs and leadership publications to contribute to the profession and satisfy her passion for editing scholarly work. In addition, Tonya taught middle grades in the Houston Independent School District, where she developed her passion for students, facilitating students’ self-discovery, and helping students realize their potential.

Tonya completed her doctorate in Adult Education and Human Resource Development in the College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M.  She also holds a Master of Education, focusing on Leadership Education and Studies and Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Texas A&M.


I am a meaning-maker and believe the career an individual dedicates themselves to should reflect their purpose in life. My purpose is to validate and advocate on behalf of the perspectives and experiences of others; I fulfill this purpose daily.

Dr. HuanShu Yuan
Associate Director

Dr. HuanShu Yuan is currently the Associate Director of the Department of Multicultural Services at Texas A&M University. She oversees the Diversity Education Programs and coordinates assessment plans for the Department. Huanshu is from Beijing, China, where she completed a B.A. degree in English Language and Literature from Beijing International Studies University. Dr. Yuan received a Master’s degree in Bilingual and Multicultural Education from Northern Arizona University and obtained her Ph.D. degree in Multicultural Education at University of Washington-Seattle. Dr. Yuan’s research focuses on multicultural and social justice education, culturally responsive pedagogy, diversity and inclusion, and comparative and international education.

Before joining the Aggie family, Dr. Yuan worked as a faculty member at University of Washington-Bothell in the areas of multicultural and bilingual education, second language acquisition, and teacher preparation. She is passionate about student diversity and inclusion and strives to create a diverse and welcoming community of students. Huanshu speaks four languages. In her free time, Huanshu enjoys writing, traveling, hiking, and playing piano.


I am very excited to join the DMS family to create detailed maps of multicultural and diversity education for students from diverse backgrounds.

Dr. Marisa Suhm
Assistant Director

Marisa Suhm is currently the Assistant Director of the Department of Multicultural Services at Texas A&M University. She coordinates the Diversity Education initiatives for the Department. Dr. Suhm received a Law degree in Colombia, a Master’s degree in International Legal Studies from NYU and a Doctorate Degree in International Education and Development from the University of Massachusetts.

Dr. Suhm has worked as professor in the States and overseas in the areas of International Law, Multiculturalism, Social Justice and Language and Literature. She has worked with development and educational organizations such as the Peace Corps, USAID, UNICEF, in more than 25 countries. She speaks five languages. In her free time, she teaches remedial English to non-native speakers in the university and the community. She likes hiking, swimming, reading and playing trivia and board games. She writes children’s stories and short essays. She is a proud Aggie mom.


I have worked with development and educational organizations such as the Peace Corps, USAID, UNICEF, in more than 25 countries and I am a proud Aggie mom.

Cruz Ríos
Assistant Director

Cruz is from the Rio Grande Valley, Palmview, TX, completed a B.A. degree in Communication-Journalism from The University of Texas Pan American in Edinburg, TX (2008) and an M.S. in Higher Education Administration from Texas A&M University (2011). His involvement in student organizations, leadership and residence life in his undergraduate education sparked his interests to work with student groups as a professional. His continued education solidified his passion for students and their development, and the importance of diversity and social justice initiatives.

He has been with the department since 2009 and feels fortunate to work with a team of professionals that have the best interests of students in mind. He is also excited to help students reach their potential in their endeavors. At the Department of Multicultural Services (DMS) he is focused on overseeing the Student Engagement and Leadership area. He currently advises the Hispanic Presidents’ Council (HPC), Latino Logradores (LatiLo) and Latino Males United (LMU).

Outside of the DMS, Cruz likes to be connected in the community through several organizations and events. He is happily married with two children, enjoys game nights, painting and jogging.


I feel fortunate to work with a team of professionals that have the best interests of students in mind. I am also excited to help students reach their potential in their endeavors.

Mark Dawson
Diversity Education Specialist

Mark Dawson was born and raised in San Diego, CA. Mark currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from San Diego State University. He Moved to Aggieland in the fall of 2010 to begin the doctoral program in the Department of Sociology here at Texas A&M. His main research areas are Race, Class, Gender and Sociology of Education. Outside of work Mark enjoys watching Aggie football and is a long time Oakland Raiders fan. He also loves cooking and spending quality time with family and friends.


I am excited to be a part of the DMS family. I look forward to working closely with students to help them achieve their academic and individual goals. I facilitate the CLUES learning community program, Cultural Exploration Experiences, and I am a member of the Diversity Education Team.

Erika García
Diversity Education Specialist

Erika is Diversity Educational Specialist and joined the DMS office in August of 2018. She attended the University of Texas as an undergraduate student (B.A. Anthropology) and the University of Texas San Antonio as a graduate student (M.Ed.: Higher Education Policy). She served as Diversity Educator at the University of Texas San Antonio and the University of Houston Clear Lake before joining Aggieland.

Erika’s professional interests including developing students’ diversity competencies and equipping them with the tools needed to navigate important diversity dialogue in both group settings or one-on-one. She also keeps mentorship and student development at the forefront of her work and believes in preparing students for their lives after college.

Outside of work, Erika enjoys the gym, time with family, coffee, cooking, traveling, and is an avid podcaster.


I am most excited about mentoring and developing A&M students in the areas of diversity and inclusion through meaningful dialogue. At the heart of this, I like witnessing how students grow as learners and how they then positively impact their community.

Angela C. Jackson
Diversity Education Specialist

Angela is from Plainview, NY. She completed a B.S. degree in Psychology from Long Island University Post Campus (LIU Post) in Brookville, NY (2013) and an M.S. in Education Administration from Texas A&M University (2015). Her involvement in student organizations and leadership in orientation during her undergraduate education sparked her interests to work in Higher Education as a professional. Her continued education solidified her passion to work with students who possess historically marginalized social identities and to aid them in their college careers.

She worked in the Department of Residence Life at Texas A&M University for 4 years and then moved to the Department of Multicultural Services (DMS) in September of 2017. At the Department of Multicultural Services, her initiatives are focused in the diversity education area. She currently oversees Cultural Explorations, CommUnity Conversations, Community of Respect, presents workshops to student groups, and co-teaches the C.L.U.E.S. class. Angela is thrilled to work with inclusion, diversity, and equity initiatives, areas that she cares about incredibly.

Outside of the DMS, Angela likes to get connected in the community through several organizations and attends community events. She is happily married and has one dog named Popeye. She enjoys hiking, scuba diving, traveling, and baking.


I believe that experiential learning is essential in facilitating the learning process of students. I engage with students as my authentic self to provide a non-judgmental space for students to share their experiences and thoughts. I strive to help students formulate meaning of issues and the world based on their personal thoughts and opinions. It is important for them to construct and develop who they are as individuals. My principal goal is to help students engage with others who are different from them and appreciate those differences.

Varselles Cummings
Program Advisor

Varselles (Var) Cummings joined the department in February 2015. Var hails from Fresno, California. He earned his B.A. in Mass Media Communication from Wilberforce University. Wilberforce is the first privately founded historically black college in the nation located in Wilberforce, Ohio. While at Wilberforce University he was involved in several co-curricular and extracurricular activities. He was involved in everything from SGA to Residence Life to Choir. His undergraduate involvement sparked his interest in the field of Student Affairs. After his graduation in 2008, Varselles stayed at his alma mater and worked as an Admissions Counselor for two years.
In 2012 Var received his Master’s degree in Postsecondary Educational Leadership with a specialization in Student Affairs from San Diego State University (SDSU). While at SDSU he worked in the Resident Education Office at San Diego State as an Assistant Residence Hall Coordinator. He also served as the Graduate Advisor for the Afrikan Student Union. Most recently he came from Texas Christian University where he served as a Hall Director from 2012-2015.

Varselles currently serves as a Program Advisor in the Department of Multicultural Services where he advises Aggie Black Male Connection (ABMC), Black Student Alliance Council (BSAC), and Southwest Black Student Leadership Conference (SBSLC). He is very excited to be a part of the DMS staff and is looking forward to developing leaders for a multicultural world.


I currently advise Aggie Black Male Connection (ABMC), Black Student Alliance Council (BSAC), and Southwest Black Student Leadership Conference (SBSLC). I am very excited to be a part of the DMS staff and look forward to developing leaders for a multicultural world.

Thomas Nguyễn
Program Advisor

Thomas Nguyễn (he/him/his) joined the Department of Multicultural Services in July of 2019. He serves as the Program Advisor for the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) initiatives where he advise the Institute of the Development of Asian American Leaders (IDEAAL) and the Asian Presidents’ Council (APC).

He is a proud second generation Vietnamese American and a first generation college graduate where he graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Texas State University with a Masters of Education in Student Affairs in Higher Education.

His journey into student affairs began as a student leader in his undergraduate institution’s multicultural programming board where he develop an interest in leadership and education. Since then, his interest grew into a passion of helping students find their sense of belonging on their college campus, creating an inclusive and equitable college environment, and empowering students, especially underrepresented students, to see themselves as leaders that can create positive social change not only within their community, but the entire world.

He hopes to pursue a doctorate where he would like to focus his research on the identity development of the diasporic Southeast Asian Americans, APIDA leadership development, and/or critical hope in social justice leadership. In his free time, he loves to create elaborate dinner parties, read at local coffee shops, travel to new places, and boulder with friends.


I definitely want to be that positive resource and give back to all college students. What I hope to bring to this role is not only my passion for identity and leadership development, but also using my presence and voice to really advocate and empower Aggies, especially underrepresented Aggies – those who hold marginalized identities – to fully realize that they have the capacity for leadership, and that hopefully I can empower them so that they can see themselves as leaders that can not only create positive social change in their Texas A&M community, but the entire world as well.

Kimberly Heslip
Business Coordinator

Kimberly Heslip is a native of Caldwell, TX, currently residing in Bryan. She has been employed with Texas A&M University for the past 8 years with the College of Engineering and College of Education and Human Development. Due to her passion for working on the front line with students, she has recently assumed a position within the Division of Student Affairs as a Business Coordinator in the Dept. of Multicultural Services.


I am humbled and excited to work within the Department of Multicultural Services! I’m looking forward to building on knowledge gained during undergrad, and helping A&M students have constructive dialogue and learn about issues impacting life on campus, in the United States, and around the world. The community in the DMS helps me to be my most authentic self, and I look forward to promoting growth and change in others and within myself.

Justin Ikpo
Communications Coordinator

Justin was born and raised in Houston, TX. He graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a B.A. in journalism and secondary education. Justin has over nine years of writing and marketing experience. He’s worked at Texas A&M University since 2015, previously with the communications team in the College of Education and Human Development.

He currently oversees marketing material for the department including: news, print, video, graphic design, social media and web. In his free time, Justin enjoys playing music, writing, cooking, photography, soccer, traveling, and spending time with his wife, daughter, and two dogs.


I come from a very diverse background and believe strongly in community, character and individualism. I am here to tell the story of our students — one that is a unique collection of experiences that separates Texas A&M from other institutions. I want to do so by creating engaging and relatable content.

Abigail Sharer
Graduate Assistant

Abigail (Abby) Sharer is a peer diversity education graduate assistant from New Jersey, and uses she/her/hers pronouns. She grew up in a biracial family and identifies as gay, and credits her mom with for fostering an early interest in identity and intersectionality. She moved to Texas in 2018, after graduating with BAs in Spanish and psychology from Carleton College, to begin a PhD in counseling psychology at Texas A&M. Upon graduation, she hopes to work as a bilingual psychologist. Abby works with Aggies to Aggies (A2A) and is passionate about promoting equity and inclusion, education, and having impactful, critical conversations with A&M students. When not in class or in the office she enjoys biking, baking, and basking in the sun, especially after four years of Minnesota winters.


Kimberly Bosquez
Graduate Assistant

Kimberly Bosquez serves as the Graduate Assistant for the Hispanic/Latinx Initiatives within the Department of Multicultural Services. Born and raised in Bryan/College Station, she graduated from Texas A&M University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. During her time at A&M, she participated in the Corps of Cadets as a member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band and served as the Chair for the Memorial Student Center’s 30th Annual Student Conference on Latinx Affairs. Following her graduation, she participated in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Service and Administration from the Bush School of Government and Public Service where she hopes to concentrate on Homeland Security with a focus on combating domestic terrorism and hate crimes. In her free time, she loves listening to true crime podcasts and being a hamster mom.


Nicolas Harris
Graduate Assistant

Nick Harris (he/him/his) joined the department in June 2019. Nick serves as the inaugural Graduate Assistant for Black and African American Initiatives, particularly working with Aggie Black Male Connection and the Black Student Alliance Council. In addition, Nick will also advise the Fusion Fiesta planning committee, serve as chair for the Multicultural Graduation, and serve as the NASPA Undergraduate Fellow Program co-coordinator. He is from Memphis, TN and graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. Nick is currently a second-year master’s student in the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education program. Nick has career aspirations in the areas of Educational Policy, Bridge Programs, and Multicultural Affairs. When not in class or at work Nick can be found binge watching shows on Netflix and Hulu or catching up with family and friends from back home.


Jessica Hsu
Graduate Assistant

Jessica Hsu (She/her/hers) is a Graduate Assistant for Asian Pacific Islander Desi American  (APIDA) Initiative. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and is currently pursuing a Masters in Healthcare Administration. She grew up in Houston, TX and identifies as Taiwanese-American. Her interest in diversity and inclusion sparked when she was a student leader in the DMS and participated in the RISE program. She hopes to take her experiences to a hospital administrative perspective, especially in operations and patient safety. Her vision in this field is to promote a portable, free-health clinic to low-income communities through hospital partnerships. In her free time, she likes to watch Netflix, explore different places, and spend time with her dog.