First-Year Organizations

This organizations assist new students in their transition from high school to Texas A&M, by aiding them in navigating the collegiate environment, establishing relationships, and honing skills for personal success. Engagement is designed to foster satisfactory academic performance, meaningful connection with peers, and belonging within the Texas A&M campus community.  While each organization has specific engagement strategies, all students are welcome to participate.

Excellence uniting Culture, Education, and Leadership (ExCEL)

Excellence uniting Culture, Education, and Leadership (ExCEL) is a student organization that helps new students find academic, social, and personal balance at Texas A&M.  ExCEL assists new Aggies in making a smooth transition during the first year, through a conference, cultivating relationships between peers and mentors, providing a sense of connection, offering academic and personal support, and serving as a resource.

ExCEL launches with the ExCEL Conference where students become familiar with the year-long program, as they are assigned upper-class peer mentors and a peer group.  Following the conference, academic, social, and cultural activities begin through the close of the spring semester.  Activities include community events, seminar series covering relevant topics, mentor engagement activities, community service projects, and socials.  ExCEL is coordinated each year by an Executive and Mentor Staff of current students.

Advisor: Briana Nelson –

Institute for the Development and Education of Asian American Leaders (IDEAAL)

Institute for the Development and Education of Asian American Leaders (IDEAAL) is an organization that hosts a year-long institute targeting incoming students.  IDEAAL is an opportunity for freshman to find their sense of belonging and connect with the Texas A&M community through peer-to-peer mentorship and leadership and identity development. The core of IDEAAL is to guide first year students on the road to becoming strong influences in the Aggie Community.


Members of IDEAAL consist of directors, mentors, and participants. Mentors are upperclassmen who have completed the IDEAAL program as participants and have an authentic interest in Asian American student growth and development.  Participants are freshmen and are selected to go through the year-long program dealing with relevant issues of identity, leadership, and culture.  Directors serve as the leadership of IDEAAL and facilitate the specifics of the program throughout the year.

Advisor: Thomas Nguyễn

Latino Logradores (Latino Achievers)


Latino Logradores (LatiLo) is a freshman initiative that provides mentorship, family atmosphere, and transition from high school to college and resources to help students thrive in a college environment. This is a freshman’s first connection to the familia Latina where they can build long-lasting relationships, explore their culture, build networks, feel empowered, develop holistically and be a service to the local community.

La Casita (Small Home):

La Casita is a place where members come together to build community, socialize, network and find a sense of belonging.  Like topics that are covered at home with your family, we will celebrate successes, support hardships, share experiences, share culture, connect you to resources and have some food together. La Casita is your small home away from home.

Las Familias (Families)

Las Familias is the name for the mentorship structure. Mentorship is an important component of the program where members get the opportunity to be mentored by sophomore, junior or senior Aggie Latino/a/x students at Texas A&M University. This will be a year-long mentorship where mentor-mentees will meet several times a semester as a group and also have opportunity for one-on-one mentorship. The group under a mentor will be called a Familia.

La Conexión (The Connection):

La Conexión will be the cornerstone of information needed to be a successful student at Texas A&M University. There will be a sharing of essential resources, like opportunities in leadership, academic deadlines, career services, community connection, organization involvement and activities. These resources will be shared through a variety of means specifically through the Las Familias and La Casita. The first year of college can be a rough transition, we are trying to make it easier.

Advisor: Dr. Ariana Vargas
LatiLo Website 

Welcome Social

Howdy Class of 2025!

The Department of Multicultural Services (DMS) hosts a free annual “Welcome Social,” where freshmen can connect with other new Aggies, student leaders, staff, and faculty before school starts. This event is held the week before classes start. This year, the Welcome Social will be on Thursday, August 26th at 1pm in the MSC 2400 (Gates Ballroom).

We look forward to seeing you and hope you take advantage of this opportunity to acclimate yourself to life at Texas A&M University. Please be on the lookout for your invitation. If you have any questions, please call 979.862.2000.