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Leadership Education for APIDA Development (LEAD) Conference

The Leadership Education for APIDA Development (LEAD) Conference is held every Spring and was created with the intention of strengthening the campus identity and development of Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American (APIDA) students on campus. Facilitated by the Department of Multicultural Services and the Asian Presidents’ Council, the purpose of the conference is to support and advocate for the APIDA community through the following objectives:

  • An opportunity for APIDA students to come together to enhance their collegiate experience by fostering identity growth and leadership development.
  • To empower and unite APIDA students to create social change by bridging the identity and leadership gap often seen in the APIDA community.
  • Focus on helping students understand the importance of connecting their personal values (values-based leadership) to create societal change (social change model) while instilling confidence as an APIDA student leader.

Visit the LEAD Conference website for more details.