XL Academy (The Academy)

ExCEL Sophomore Experience

XL Academy, housed in the Department of Multicultural Services, is a fall semester program for sophomores meeting the cultural balancing needs of students at Texas A&M. Through collaboration between faculty in the departments of Agricultural Leadership Education and Communication and Educational Psychology, and staff in the Department of Multicultural Services, XL Academy offers developmental education and experiential learning which aid students in becoming critically reflective and theoretically knowledgeable leaders.

XL Academy consists of first semester sophomore students as participants, and a Coordinating Board of upper-class students. Participants, who are second semester freshmen at application, will be selected through an application and interview process to reveal their potential for leadership, desire to grow and passion for making an impact. XL Academy was designed for Black/African American students; however any student with an interest in cultivating an understanding of Black student identity and development is welcome.

XL Academy is an extension of Excellence uniting Culture, Education, and Leadership (ExCEL), as a sophomore experience. ExCEL is designed to help undergraduate students discover the academic, social and personal balance necessary to facilitate their success at Texas A&M and beyond. In their second year, students can still engage with ExCEL through XL Academy.

For more information about The Academy email XLAcademy@tamu.edu.