Our Mission

Texas A&M University has placed the value of inclusion at its core and embarked on a Diversity Plan designed to enhance accountability, climate, and equity.  The Department of Multicultural Services facilitates steady progress toward institutional goals of greater inclusion and academic excellence by addressing climate.  The department has a mission to provide multiple developmental experiences for underrepresented and underserved racial and ethnic populations and intercultural competence initiatives to help prepare all students for an increasingly diverse world.  The purpose of the department is to 1) support, advocate for, and challenge students as they transition, work through the impact of identity development, and are confronted with challenges to their perspectives and 2) positively impact student and student group abilities to demonstrate openness, inclusiveness, and sensitivity, understand individuals’ differences, and respectfully interact with all people.

As a department housed within the Division of Student Affairs, our mission aligns with the mission, vision, goals, and commitments outlined here. We also work closely with the Office of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity.

Vision Statement

Multicultural Services has a vision to become a preeminent multicultural programming unit that actively and intentionally engages in the retention and graduation of students, holistic development and transformational learning of students, broadening of student perspectives, and contributions to higher education practice.