The Department of Multicultural Services turns 30!

In 1986, the Division of Student Services (DSS) Standing Committee on Minority Student Conditions recommended the development of a center to aid ethnic minority students on the Texas A&M University campus. The final report of the committee utilized existing research to document the need for the center that would “share with the other programs on campus the responsibility of supporting the educational, social, psychological and personal needs of ethnic minority students.” The impetus for the development of the center was to serve students who felt culturally isolated on the Texas A&M campus, with emphasis on great inclusion of Black and Hispanic students in the programs, curricula, and services that the university provides.

The original mission and goals of the Multicultural Services Center surrounded assisting the university in its purpose in understanding and addressing the issues that confront us in a multicultural society. Though the campus has evolved, the need to develop students and address issues of education and understanding has not. In celebration of this achievement, the department will host anniversary-related events during the Fall 2019 semester — all leading up to the 30th Anniversary Gala on Saturday, November 23.  Check the event details page for more information.

A set of DMS awards sitting on a table